Jun 3

30-Day Book Challenge – Days 16-18

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Been on holiday so catching up again and then hopefully I’ll stick to one a day for the rest of the challenge!

Day 16 – Longest book you’ve read

I’ve not a clue – I mean, I don’t know how many pages each book has. I think the biggest book I’ve ploughed through is possibly Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders though. Of which I can find little to actually say anything about except I’d recommend that anyone new to his Jack Ryan tales should stick to his earlier writing.

The thickest book I’ve had to read was either Alberts or Darnell - both of them are tombstones of text books on molecular and cellular biology that I scoured while studying at St Andrews. I still have one of them on my book shelf, just in case I ever need to remind myself how chromosomes are wound up or some such titbit….

Day 17 – Shortest book I’ve read

Again, I don’t have a spreadsheet of page numbers but the one that comes to mind is Daphne De Maurier’s The Birds. It’s a short story – the basis for Hitchcock horror film – so of course it’s sinister and it is one of my favourite examples of her writing. She is a pleasure to read, a champion yarn spinner.

Day 18 – Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like

Honestly, I don’t think I am ashamed to admit I like any book – I’m quite happy to read trashy stuff when my brain is overloaded or in a pre- or post-birth hormonal fug. There’s a lot of snobbery about vampire fiction though and I’ll happily admit to saying I enjoyed the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series.

It’s fun, it’s easy to read, it’s got some strong characters, a few twists from the standard vampire mythology and it’s easy to pick up the follow-up books from charity shops. What’s not to like?

I also like the Sookie Stackhouse ¬†True Blood books by Charlaine Harris. The first is Dead Until Dark and again it’s fun, it’s got great characters, fab locations. Fun to read. It’s not Tolstoy but then I don’t actually like reading Tolstoy and I don’t have enough time for reading to waste it on things I don’t enjoy.

Interestingly, Matt loves the True Blood TV series too but so far has refused to watch the Twilight films so I’m awaiting that pleasure still. I’m putting this discrepancy down to the inspired casting of Anna Paquin as Sookie. I did wonder why he was suddenly so interested in watching vampires….