Jul 26

Back to work, neglected blog

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It’s been over a month since I last posted, largely because had little brain time to think about blogging.

I’m enjoying my return to work but due to a massive new project and extra responsibilities my job has taken a larger chunk of my life than the allotted 3 days a week. Fair dos, it’s interesting and exciting and I’m not complaining, but I am looking forward to the day when things have settled down.

So here’s a catch up, starting with No. 3 with my June mosaic meaning I’ve completed half the PAD project for 2011.

I’ve also kept to no. 4 and managed at least one PAD challenge every month. This is my June Scavenger Hunt. Check out the link if you want an explanation of what each photo represents. I doubt I’d have completed over 200 days of photos without the monthly hunt and other challenges, they are great inspiration for dull days. I also learnt about a photography trick this month called cross processing.

What else? Let’s see.

The June mosaic has evidence of No. 28, we’re working on a plan for October for No. 19, and I have started on the sling for No. 31, although this has rather stalled with lack of time. Must complete this task, especially as Rachel has completed her pregnancy challenge and produced the beautiful Polly Delphine.

The June PAD mosaic also has two shots for No. 51. Matt took Rhys to see Titchy Tiny Science at the Cheltenham Science Festival, a children’s show all about vibration and sound, while Meredith and I ate cake and drank tea in the cafe tent. The weather was truly atrocious. We then had a break for Rhys to attend a birthday party before we raced back to Cheltenham Town Hall to visit the stalls and learn about magnets, the heart at the Blood Bar, nuclear power, heat sensors, Jenner’s fight against small pox, and a bicycling skeleton. I can’t recommend the festival strongly enough and I hope that next year, when I am no longer attached at the hip to a small baby, I’ll be able to attend a few more of the events myself.

I’m yet to complete No. 78 but Matt has taken up bread challenge again, this time using fresh yeast. Every time I eat home made bread I question why I continue to buy crappy sliced stuff from supermarkets. I think we should return to having an emergency toast/toasted cheese loaf in the freezer and proper stuff for the rest of the time.

Oh and if I can track down my Gran’s old recipe once more, I’ll steal some of the yeast to spread on toast and make some more of her ginger beer…

I spent some of the weekend working on the dull No. 80 and now my hands are dry and sore. Sigh.

Meredith has started having a banana for breakfast every morning so No. 85 is no longer much of a challenge. Indeed, Rhys has been seen with a banana in his hand on a few occasions recently, there is hope for that child yet.

And finally, I got a call up from the National Blood Service this week so I’m sure that No. 94 won’t be too long, iron levels permitting.

And that’s my round up for June and for half way through July. I promise not to leave it so long, not least because I have a list of nonMission related things I want to blog about in my head….

May 8

No. 31 – Fear the fear and do it anyway, the sewing machine

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08/05/11 by Stripyzebra
08/05/11, a photo by Stripyzebra on Flickr.

I greatly admire people who can use a sewing machine. I often think of things I could do if I could use a sewing machine. I even went so far as buying a machine from a friend who was emigrating.

And then I stalled. I remembered the disaster that was my HE lessons age 13. Being banned from using sewing machines after causing a major threading incident that took the teacher a week to unpick the machine.

So, No. 31 on my Mission list is within the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway section – Learn to use my sewing machine and make a pouch sling for Merri.

Truth be told, I was given some lovely fabric by my sister to make a sling for Rhys. And shamefully it has sat sadly in the bedroom ever since. I couldn’t sling Rhys now even if I wanted to.

Luckily for me and the fabric, I have a lovely friend called Rachel – aka HaloHoney – who is not only talented enough to sew for a living but sometimes runs classes for the sewing machine deficient.

Today she was passing through Cheltenham anyway, delivering curtains to a friend, and she came past to give me quick lesson. Before I knew it, she had even talked me into taking the machine out of its box.

I can now thread the machine and know where the spool goes and even press the pedal and make the thread go in and out of fabric. Astonishing!

My plan is to use these new found skills to take part in a lovely project Rachel is organising and then I shall work on the sling idea.

Wish me luck…