Jun 4

June 2011 and the Mission continues

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I was berating myself for not tackling more items on the Mission list and then ticked off a few in a go.

Firstly, the new issue of the Woodmancote News arrived on the doorstep while we were on holiday. I’ll be delivering it with Rhys on Monday. It has a special article all about being a considerate neighbour regarding bonfires that I wrote while having a strop.

Not our immediate neighbours, thankfully, but we have endless summer days and evenings spoilt by having to shut all windows and doors due to thick smoke. I don’t mean transient bbq smoke but horrid smelly stuff that lingers and sets off Matt’s rhinitis.

The article makes me sound like a NIMBY but hey, it means I’ve crossed off no. 93 in the Mission. I hope to submit a few more pieces of writing in the future. It’s a sweet little magazine, it’s nice to be part of the community.

On our way home from Aberdeen we stopped overnight at Carlisle. ┬áBeing cooped up in a room with two sleeping children was a bit grim but hey, with a few bottles of ale, Killer Bunnies and some new extension packs of Carcassonne we managed to pass time quite nicely. And crossed off no. 28 for this month. We’ve been a bit slack on this challenge; Matt has just ordered some new two-person games and hopefully that will set us off gaming again.

Finally, Matt is on the case re. no. 12. The family tree is so long and convoluted it’s going to be a good bit of work for him to design the website but hopefully we’ll have a new family website up and running soon. We have to go through the photos from the Family Party for 2011 but I’ll post them up soon.