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30-Day Book Challenge – Days 19-21

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And I keep going…

Day 19 – A book that turned you on

Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus is sitting at the end of the book shelf so I guess that is the obvious choice. It’s a classic, innit?

Day 20 – Book you’ve read the most number of times

I’ve not kept a spreadsheet on this either but it’s a toss between Dororthy L Sayer’s Busman’s Honeymoon or perhaps Gaudy Night and Iain Banks Crow Road. Sorry for the repetition but it’s not exactly surprising that my favourite books and characters are the ones I revisit regularly.

Day 21 – Favourite picture book from childhood

Webfoot by Jim Slater and Christoper Slater.

There was a trend in the 1980s for publishing children’s stories that were written and illustrated by children, resulting in series such as the Garden Gang and the Munch Bunch. The drawings were done with crayons or felt tips and the stories tended to be rather worthy and well, dull.

The A. Mazing Monster series by the father and son Slater team were in this line, and if a little preachy (keep your possessions or they’ll get eaten up!), the monsters are certainly more interesting than vegetables.

Webfoot was one of my favourite books as a child – I loved the silly tale of a benign monster that could disguise itself as anything it wanted, recognisable only by its ever-present webfoot. The book is still on my parents’ bookshelf and I’ve loved introducing it to Rhys every time we visit Aberdeen. The illustrations are dated but the appeal remains.

Webfoot was the only book I had in the A. Mazing Monster series but I remember looking longingly on the back of the book at all the other titles. So I was absolutely thrilled when my mum found the box set was now available for the whole series. If you’ve not met Mr A. Mazing, monster hunter extraordinaire, I suggest you introduce him and his monster zoo to some children near you asap.

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