May 10

The 30-Day Book Challenge begins

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Lots of my friends have been doing the 30-day song challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading their choices but I’ve not been tempted to join in.

But Rachel from The Crafty Bat has challenged her friends to the 30-Day Book Challenge and that seems much more my cup of tea.

So here’s no. 1 – My Favourite Book. In some ways this is a very difficult choice, because surely it’s whatever you’re reading at the moment in time? Otherwise it’s not worth continuing with that book? And having read just a few books *cough* and have many I’ve reread many times, I’ve got much to choose from.

Nevertheless, I can say without hesitation that The Crow Road by Iain Banks is my all-time favourite. I think it’s the combination of mystery – my favourite genre – and strong characters that really does it for me. Its first sentence “It was the day my grandmother exploded…” beats Jane Austen’s and Charles Dickens’s more famous novel opening lines hands down and it continues in the same vein of dry humour to the end.

I’ve reread The Crow Road countless times and I’ve found something new in it every read. Perhaps because the mystery element of the novel is subtle, the story seems fresh each time. My copy is battered, not least because I’ve lent it out to all and sundry, pressing it into hands with “you must read this.”

While Banks doesn’t write  in dialect as such, he is undoubtedly a Scottish writer, his books are steeped in the culture.  Which is all the more amazing that when he writes sci-fi as Iain M Banks, his Culture characters don’t speak the mither tongue. Happily Banks is a fairly prolific author, alternating between his two genres, so I get a regular  fix of new writing that can be picked up time and time again.

Tomorrow Day 2 – my least favourite book.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I haven’t read any of his books, but have a few hanging around, mostly the sci fi I think. I’ll give them a go.

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