Apr 16

No. 9

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16/04/11 by Stripyzebra
16/04/11, a photo by Stripyzebra on Flickr.

Rhys is riding solo!

He’s got some way to go before he masters braking, and we have an even longer wait until his concentration span is long enough that he doesn’t ride into a lamp post, but I think we can say he is officially off on a big adventure.

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Apr 7

No.72 – Clean up work laptop and nursery ramblings

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Mission task no. 72 is done.  The said item has been handed into the office and not a moment too soon as it gave up the ghost and refused to start when I arrived in London.  My shiny new laptop will be couriered to me soon, hopefully with all the tools I need ready to use.

I start back to work next month – initially 3 days a week – and Meredith begins her nursery career.

She had a taster of being away from Mummy yesterday – a trip to Coram’s Fields with her Great Aunt Maggie – while I was in the office. She had a lovely time on a swing and looking at goats and a cockerel. I think she might adjust quite well to nursery and, as Daddy says, least their room has a carpet, which will be a real bonus for Ms Cruiser of 2011′s poor head.

To help counter any separation worries, the nursery’s newsletter announced yesterday that their care has been upgraded from satisfactory to good in a recent Ofsted Inspection. I can’t say I am surprised, they have always taken good care of Rhys and been very proactive in his development. Nursery spotted that his hearing wasn’t right and was causing him problems with his behaviour and his speech, and he has built some special relationships with the staff whom he adores.

Rhys, in turn, inadvertently helped their good Ofsted report by bombarding the poor inspector with questions (the inspector was impressed by the nursery having such confident and outgoing children – there’s a euphemism if ever I heard one) and by bumping his head in front of the inspector and allowing the staff to demonstrate the nursery’s first aid care and injury reporting skills.

It feels too early for Merri to be heading off into the big wide world so I’m glad she’ll have her big brother to hold her hand for the first few months and that she’s going somewhere the staff already know her by name.

It’s a daunting thought that, when my maternity leave ends, the next time I have an extended break from work will be retirement, presuming I can ever afford to do so after all the Baby Boomers have drained the country of resources. On the other hand, I have some exciting new challenges at work ahead of me and the joy of unaccompanied trips to the loo, hot tea, and 5 minutes without worrying that small child is about to bump her brain again. There will be office trips to London that will allow time for eating sushi with one of my closest friends and hopefully completing task no. 57.

Please remind me of these positives when my arms are missing Meredith next month and I duck as another deadline comes close to whooooooshing past the top of my head – thank you Douglas Adams for summing up my writing experience.

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Apr 1

PAD March 2011

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PAD March 2011 by Zeb2007
PAD March 2011, a photo by Zeb2007 on Flickr.

Wooh! This is my March PAD mosaic and that means I’ve completed a quarter of no. 3, my PAD challenge for 2011.

I think I’ve made enough progress with PAD that I can put no. 5 – learn how to use our digital SLR camera – into italics and say I’m working on it.  I can use the timer, change the lens, use macro filters, use manual focus and sometimes even put it on the A or P settings. It’s a start anyway.

Spring has sprung and so have the weeds, I urgently need to get on the case of no. 85 before we find ourselves living in a Gangster’s Dandelion Paradise.

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